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Growth is such an important part of any small business and we are so happy and excited to see ourselves experiencing some of that growth!  One of the especially FUN part of our progression here at Whitestone Design Group is starting to work on our own re-design project for our office! As interior designers, once we get busy with other people's design work, it can be so easy to lose focus on projects around our own homes, so it's nice to be able to squeeze in some time pointed efforts towards our very own workspace! 

While it is still very much in the beginning stages of design, it has been a blast to start getting things down on paper for what we'd like our office to evolve into.  Our goal is to achieve a clean and approachable space where our clients feel both comfortable and inspired.  We also wanted a good mix of high-low design elements.  Fresh white walls will provide us a space that us a work environment that us allows to see color in all its glory.  Simple lines on furnishings serve as functional elements without being distracting for our clients.  And the graphic rug, inspired art mixed with accessories we love prevents the space from being boring! 

sectional | entertainment unit | rug | chair | accent table | overall paint | accent paint | gold starburst | coffee table | inspiration on our pinterest board

What elements are you loving?  Leave us a comment about things you love in your own workspace! And, if you're needing help with your own workspace, shoot us an email at 





Heather-Scherie and I were approached last week by a young tech company located in Bellevue, WA to outfit their new office space. The challenge was....they needed it functioning immediately! If they had their way, they would have wanted it up and running with all the furniture in place the same week we met them, BUT interior design and furnishing any type of office is a little tricky to do when you aren't purchasing it yourself. Since we were on a time crunch, it was very important that we sourced the product from only a few different stores and it all has to product is in stock and ready to ship. With budget, time and space constraints we pulled together a very comprehensive design plan that will be functional and organized for their six employees while also making an impression when meeting with clients! Here is the plan for their "Lounge/Flex Area":

Whitestone Design Group - Modern Office Design Plan
Whitestone Design Group - Modern Office Design Plan

sofa  /  swivel chairs  /  short coffee table  /  tall coffee table  /  lap top table  /  floor lamps  /  round mirror  /  geometric art  /  coral pillow  /  navy & aqua pillow  /  yellow pillow  /  plaid lumbar pillow  /  area rug  /  tall glass vase  /  short glass vase 

If you're interested in doing an interior design project like this one, please contact us at


xx Katie