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With wedding season in full swing I thought I'd share with you a really easy DIY bridal shower game for any maid of honor, bridesmaid or best friend to make for your sweet bride-to-be. My best friend, Kelsey, made this "How Well Do You Know The Groom?" game for me at my bridal shower. I laughed and cried and got most of the answer right! The best part was that she had it laminated and I got to keep it and cherish it with my other wedding momentos. She did such a great job that I had to recreate it for Heather-Scherie at her bridal shower!

Whitestone Design Group | Bridal Shower DIY | Bridal Shower Game
Whitestone Design Group | Bridal Shower DIY | Bridal Shower Game


  • staight edge/trianlge for cutting
  • exacto knife
  • scrapbook paper (I found this small booklet of paper from TJ Maxx)
  • heavier weight card stock paper in your color of choice
  • hole punch
  • metal ring clip (can easily find them at your local hardware store)
  • ribbon (I used grosgrain ribbon and bakers twine)
  • washi tape
  • laminator (I went to my local FedEx printing center)
  • the groom's email address and/or phone number


  • Where was your first kiss?
  • Where was your first date?
  • What is groom's name favorite food?
  • How many kids does groom's name want?
  • Does groom's name prefer boxers, briefs or NOTHING?!
  • What is a destination you both have dreamt of going to?
  • What is the groom's name shoe size?
  • What's groom's name favorite band?
  • How long did groom's name have the ring before he proposed?
  • What is groom's name favorite quality about you that made him want to marry you?
  • The last note card have the groom write a small note to end the game and state why he fell in love with his bride and why he can't wait to marry her.
Whitestone Design Group | Bridal Shower DIY | Bridal Shower Game

I cut each page to size (5x7) and cut the cards a bit smaller leaving about an inch of paper as a border. I hand wrote the questions and answers on each card and used washi tape to paste them to the front and backs of each page. I typed and printed out the cover page and last final question since is a bit longer and needs to fit on a notecard. I gathered everything and took them to FedEx to laminate each page and trimmed them down with their fancy matte cutter. 

I used a small hole punch and punched a hole in the top left corner of each card and strung the cards (in order!) onto the ring clip.

Whitestone Design Group | Bridal Shower DIY | Bridal Shower Game

I used some grosgrain ribbon and baker's twine that I already had and tied it to the ring clip for some embellishment.

Whitestone Design Group | Bridal Shower DIY | Bridal Shower Game

You can turn it into an interactive game during the bridal shower by having each guest guess how many answers the bride will get right. Who ever is closest gets a small gift. And for each question the bride gets wrong she needs to drink! Or just take a sip of champagne ;)

Whitestone Design Group | Bridal Shower DIY | Bridal Shower Game

I hope this DIY project inspires you to get creative and make your bride feel extra special during her bridal shower. Leave any questions or any DIY ideas you've done in the comments below!

You can view the beautiful photos from Heather's shower here.

xx Katie





A couple of weeks ago myself and another bridesmaid, Sasha, planned a perfect bridal shower brunch for our very own, Heather Scherie! Our great friend and go-to photographer, Wynne, happened to bring her camera and took some beautiful photos of the party and many of the details, so we have no choice but to share the prettiness with you! It was a simple party to plan, especially when you're not doing it alone! Sasha took care the food prep while I handled the design and decor. With a couple easy DIYs and a trip to the wholesale flower market where we selected in-season blooms, like peonies and mums, we were able to create inexpensive, pretty and whimsical tablescapes and vignettes. Also, thank you to Target's Spritz party decoration line for having plates, napkins, straws and other accents that tied in with the invitation! 

It all started with the invitation that perfectly matches the bride's personality - we chose a custom instant download invitation from Etsy which made it quick and easy to print and mail out.

HS Bridal Shower
HSG Bridal Shower
HSG Bridal Shower

One of the games we played was  "How well do you know your groom?" One of my bridesmaids made it for me and it's something I will have forever and knew Heather would love it just as much. I made laminated question and answer cards that we read off to her and she had to guess his answers. It made for a lot of laughs and story telling...also some tears as the last note card we had Paul share why he was so excited to marry Heather. You can see the DIY game here!

HSG Bridal Shower

If anyone knows Heather Scherie well you may know about her slight obsession with Jonathan Adler pottery. Sasha and I found this cute JA bird pitcher/vase and filled it with extra flowers. It added to the decor for the party but she got to take it home with her as her shower gift. She loved it!


We hope you enjoyed these photos and inspires you for your next party or get together! And Heather, I hope you're enjoying Thailand with your new husband!

Cheers! Katie