Although my passion for Interior Design is wrapped up in construction and remodels, this particular design plan is most certainly the closest project to my heart to date.  I am so excited to announce that my wonderful husband and I are expecting a baby late this spring!  I knew when we got married that we would eventually want to start a family, but nothing in this world could have prepared me for how much more I would fall in love with him when we discovered that we were pregnant.  Now we find ourselves in this excruciating waiting period for our little bundle to arrive...  Our bedside tables are piled with baby books, our date night conversations are suddenly filled with name options for our little nugget, and our newest project at home is complete... THE NURSERY!! 

Yes, we are that couple that has chosen to wait until our delivery day to find our the gender of our baby.  I know that it is really challenging for my husband, especially when we have our doctors appointments!  But, for me, I didn't care whether we had a boy or a girl and therefore, didn't see a reason to find out the sex.  When it came to doing the nursery it did provide some challenges.  I found that so many of the adorable things out there for children have become so gender specific.  However, I throughly enjoyed the challenge and I'm so in love with the outcome. 

I DID have to give up my closet to do this room... Yep, I was that girl that had an entire bedroom devoted to fashion, but seeing as how this room is directly next to the master bedroom, it only made sense.  The sacrifices we make for our children!  

I owe a very special thank you to my dear friend Heather Roddy of Valzora Bell.  I use her pretty much exclusively for nearly all of my projects that require a custom touch with softgoods such as window treatments and pillows.  Naturally, she was my go-to on my own project too and she worked diligently with me to get all the details just right for my perfectionist mind!  We added this adorable felt, fuzzy ball detail to the lead edge of the curtains to make them a bit more special.  And the bumper was made to fit this crib specifically!  That's the beauty of going custom on your details! 

Here are some of the details that make me fall in love with this space every time I sit in it.  I'm assuming that I may be spending a lot of time "sitting" in this room, so it's a good thing I'm particularly fond of it!  Perhaps the baby will be partial to adorable details :-) 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and take a peek at what's in store for my life!  I'm so passionate about baby spaces and if you'd like to see more of how I came to all my design decisions for our nursery, check out my family | manzer babe Pinterest Page!  It can be so challenging to wade through the endless options of ideas for nurseries, so if you find yourself or a loved one needing a little help with that special place in the home, feel free to email me at  

All photos taken by Wynne H Earle of WH Earle Photography

For more images of this gender neutral nursery, please view Bellevue Nursery on our Gallery Page.

Thanks again and Happy Designing!