The summer is upon us!  With the outdoor furniture finding its way to the patio, and the sweaters returning to their storage spot in the extra closet, we always like to use this time of year to really dig into some spring/summer cleaning.  We’ve taken the time to compile our top 5 summer cleaning tips that help us to have more efficient and enjoyable warm, outdoor months! 

Space Bags

Those vaccum-seal bags that you see on late night infomercials… worth their weight in gold! There is nothing worse than putting away those winter garnets only to find them smelling of cedar and mothballs when they reemerge the following fall. People might start to wonder if you have moved in with your Grandmother! Space bags help to provide more storage space and keep both critters and unfriendly scents out of your winter wear. Average costs for this little summer cleaning gem runs about $15.00. We are huge internet shoppers, so Amazon and Bed, Bath, & Beyond are a quick and easy way to get some for your home this summer season.

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Magic Erase your Baseboards

 What a perfect time to clean up those baseboards! It's one of those simple tasks that seem to slip our minds most of the year, but make a huge impact. Our favorite part of the baseboard wipe down is that it's not a very time consuming task, but packs a huge bang for your buck!

Speaking of "buck," the Magic Eraser is our secret weapon for this task. Extremely affordable and seems to truly have some type of magic power inside.

Wiping down the baseboards with these guys will make your space feel fresh and new. And while you're down there, you can use your Magic Eraser to easily clean up any scuff marks that have accumulated over the last year.

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Change it Up

We always encourage our clients to invest in really nice pillows. They should be at least 95/5 feather-down (95% feather and 5% down) and have a great loft (will be very full and look "fluffed" all the time. The form will last a lifetime and you will be able to change its cover all year round. The inserts on the left are from Restoration Hardware and are a great quality go-to.

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The two times a year that we take advantage of fun pillow covers are summer and winter. You can give your room an entirely different look by changing your pillow covers. And the storage of pillow covers is so much easier than trying to store pillows with non-removable covers. This summer, you might try a really nice, majestic purple in your space to liven it up and be on trend with Pantone's color of the year, Radiant Orchid! We are currently loving this Kelly Wearstler fabric for pillows (or anything!) 

Also, don't forget that down pillows do not go outdoors since they absorb moisture and grow mold easily. Chose synthetic inserts for outdoor pillows, like the ones at Restoration Hardware. 

Carpet Cleaning

After a long winter and rainy spring, we suggest getting your carpets and area rugs professionally cleaned.  After all of those elements have been tracked into your home, they can really make a space seem dingy and unattractive.  A professional cleaning can run anywhere from $150-$500.00 depending on the amount of square footage you have, but your home will look new again in a few short hours.  More and more these days, we are meeting people in the industry that have “green” cleaning elements, which we love!  With our children and pets crawling around on our floors, why not use a company that specializes in green, non-toxic cleaning solutions?  The technology behind the carpet cleaning industry is better than ever, so we are seeing the best and longest lasting work we’ve ever been exposed to as of late.  Be sure to read reviews on your potential Carpet Cleaner to make sure that they clean up after themselves and provide the work that they have promised. 

Window Cleaning

Who would have guessed that having your windows cleaned could provide such an improvement on your home?  All year long, your dogs noses find themselves all over your sliding glass door or that front window as they wait for you to come home.  Your children’s bedrooms may have handprints and stickers on them with their attempts at “decorating!”  After the pollen season has died down, we suggest calling a professional window cleaner if you are dealing with more than one story.  They will have the equipment and training to ensure that there are no accidents while the outside of the windows are cleaned.  If you are going to tackle the inside of the windows yourself.  We suggest leaving the newspaper and towel to the side.  It tends to leave streaks and just move the dirt and grime all over the window.  Instead, try adding a few drops of standard dishwashing liquid to a bucket of warm water and use a window cleaning fabric brush.  These will not scratch your glass and will get the job done faster.  After applying the soapy water to the window, use a squeegee to remove the cleaning solution in an S-Pattern, and wipe after each stroke.  To remove your last water drops, we suggest a dry wrung chamois.  In a few short steps, your windows will be shiny and clean and you’ll see through your windows in a whole new way! 

Obviously, there are thousands of additional cleaning tips and recommendations, but these are the few that collectively make the most impact on our homes and office.  Don’t hesitate to let us know what your favorite cleaning tip is and we will be happy to give it a try!  Happy Cleaning!